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What is Roku TV?
What is Roku TV?
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Roku TV is a smart TV with the added functionality and features of a Roku streaming player. From one simple interface, Roku TV provides access to all your entertainment sources such as a game console, cable box, antenna or streaming channels like Netflix, The Roku Channel and YouTube.

Roku works with a variety of TV manufacturers which build Roku TVs with different screen sizes, price points, and picture resolutions from high definition (HD) to 4K Ultra High Definition (4K Ultra HD). Select Roku TV models that support 4K Ultra HD are also capable of playing movies and TV shows that feature HDR, or High Dynamic Range.

To learn about available models, view a list of smart TV brands offering Roku TV.

Roku TV features

  • Single interface to access all your devices: The Roku TV home screen makes it easy to switch between streaming channels and your other devices. You can customize the look of each input icon to represent the device you have connected, for example “Cable TV”, “Game console” or “Blu-ray player”.

  • Simple and easy-to-use remote: With few buttons and a simple layout, the remote control allows you to quickly become familiar with controlling the TV without even looking at the remote.

Note: Remote buttons may vary by TV brand.

  • Regular automatic software updates: Keep your Roku TV connected to the internet and get new features and streaming channel updates automatically. New streaming channels can be found in the Roku Channel Store.

  • Large entertainment selection: Choose from thousands of streaming channels and subscription-based services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and ESPN.

  • Built-in tuner: Connect an HDTV antenna and watch free “over-the-air” television broadcasts.

  • Pause live TV: Connect a USB memory stick to your Roku TV and pause live TV for up to 90 minutes.

  • Roku mobile app: Use the Roku mobile application for iOS or Android™ as a remote control, search for things to watch, and send TV audio to your mobile device to listen to streaming video privately.

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