Secret Menu Screen 1: Press the Home button five times, press Fast Forward (FF) three times, Rewind (RW) two times. This menu will allow you to Factory Reset, Cycle Channel store serve, Cycle software update server, and Update Software.

Secret Menu Screen 2: Press Home five times, Up direction, RW twice, FF twice. This will reboot your Roku device.

Secret Menu Screen 3: Press Home five times, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up. This code will bring up a secret Network menu connection.

Secret Menu Screen 4: Press Home five times, FF, Down, RW, Down, FF. This will give you access to a hidden antenna menu.

Secret Menu Screen 5: Press Home five times, RW three times, FF twice. This will bring up a bit rate menu where you can see quality settings and set bit-rates.

Secret Menu Screen 6:Press Home three times, Up twice, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left. This code will give access to the Channel menu.

Secret Menu Screen 7: Press Home three times, Up twice, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. This will give you access to developer mode.

Secret Menu Screen 8: Press Home five times, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up. This hidden screen will allow you to remove auto-pair, cycle screen shot, cycle ad-banner and log theme info.

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