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How to add Malimar channel from your Fire TV streaming device
How to add Malimar channel from your Fire TV streaming device
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Just like your smartphone accesses an “app store” to add new applications, your Fire TV® accesses the Channel Store to add new channels. Browse the Channel Store directly from your device. Channels can also be added when using the mobile app on a compatible mobile device.

Add Malimar TV from your Amazon Fire TV Streaming Device

  1. Press Home on your Fire remote.

  2. Scroll to the left of the screen to the magnifying glass, then stroll down to "Search" box.

  3. In search box type keyword "Malimar TV."

  4. The search results will then show “Malimar TV."

  5. Scroll down to "Malimar TV" and press enter.

  6. The icon will look like this example:

2022 Actual Public Channel Icon of Malimar TV Network

7. Open Malimar TV app, then press enter to download app.

8. Once download is completed press enter.

9. Choose "Allow" for Malimar TV to be used on your device.

10. You are now ready to watch Malimar TV. If you want to unlock Premium Channels (Row 5 and below) please contacts customer support through our website chat with us and you could call customer support 1-619-940-5522 or email us at [email protected]

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